Using Machine Analysis to Make Elementary Students’ Mathematical Thinking Visible: Kimberle Koile

Learning Analytics metrics that matter A 360° view of students online behavior in Uruguay: Cristóbal Cobo

Explaining Things Differently Part 1: A Crowdsourcing Approach: Jacob Whitehill and Joseph Jay Williams

A learner’s perspective on four years of edX: Sonal Patel

Cohort size and student engagement: a MOOC field experiment: Jiye Baek

Evidence-Centered Design (ECD): A Design Framework for Competency-Based Assessment: Yoon Jeon Kim

The Shiny Dinosaur: The History and Failure (So Far) of Innovation in Testing: David Foster

New Technology and Teacher Productivity: Eric Taylor

MOOC learners’ challenges and self-remediation strategies: How Big Data miss learners’s lived experiences: George Veletsianos

Online MOOC Research Unhangout

Davidson Next: Scaling AP Instruction to the World: Daniel Seaton

The Woodrow Wilson Academy of Teaching and Learning: Design Principles for a New Approach to Teacher Education: Jon Haber, Deb Hirsch, and Eliza Spang

Dynamics of the First Year of HBX CORe: Brian Keegan

Measuring the Usability and Capability of App Inventor to Create Mobile Applications:  Benjamin Xie

Fall 2015 Colloquium Launch:  Ricarose Roque, Jen Groff, and Saif Rayyan


Past speakers from 2014-2015


Carolyn Rose CMU Discourse in MOOCs
Scott Klemmer UCSD Design-Based Large Scale Learning
George Siemens UTexas at Arlington Learning Analytics
Candace Thielle Stanford University The Lytics Lab at Stanford
Brian Granger Cal Poly State iPython Notebooks and Research Publishing
Neil Hefferman Worcester PolyTech ASSISTments and Experimental Design
Diana Oblinger EDUCAUSE Online Learning and Higher Education
Kim Kastens Columbia University Discipline-Based Educational Research
Barbara Oakley Oakland University Lessons from a Basement MOOC Studio
David Cormier University of Prince Edward Island Rhizomatic Learning
Hiorki Oura University of Tokyo MOOCs and Japan
Natalia Kucirkova Open University FutureLearn and Open University
Jeffrey Lin Riot Games The Science of Player Behavior
Amy Horschak RISD Teaching the Arts Online
Inga Glogger University of Freiburg Preparing Learners for MOOCs
Jane Manning Stanford OpenEdX and Stanford
Michael Cima MIT Blended Learning on Campus
Eric Klopfer MIT EdTechX


MIT MOOCdb- Data Structures for MOOCs
Juho Kim MIT Video Behavior in MOOCs
Sayamindu Dasgupta MIT Data Programming in Scratch
Giora Alexandron MIT Machine Learning and Pedagogical Efficacy
Elena Glassman MIT Learnersourcing in MOOCS
Victor Schneider edX A/B Testing Infrastructure
Carlos Rocha edX Data Pipelines
Hunter Gehlbach Harvard GSE Similarity and Student Learning
Todd Rogers Harvard Kennedy Social Support Interventions
Karen Brennan Harvard GSE Creative Computing Online Workshop
Jenny Bergeron Harvard University Flipped Learning at Harvard
Joshua Goodman Harvard Kennedy The GA Tech CS MOOC
Jim Waldo Harvard University Data De-identification in MOOCs
Jon Haber HarvardX Assessment Design
Yoshuke Miyamoto Harvard SEAS Spaced Study in MOOCs


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