Friday, November 6thGeorge Veletsianos

MOOC learners’ challenges and self-remediation strategies: How Big Data miss learners’s lived experiences

Guest Speaker: George Veletsianos
Harvard Campus
125 Mt. Auburn, 4th Floor
Meet at the Long Table (left off of the elevators)


One of the most exciting features of digital learning environments is the extensive data that they collect about student learning, enabling educational researchers to examine learning processes at a grand scale. While education researchers have warned of the pitfalls engendered in Big Data (e.g., DeBoer et al., 2014; Reich, 2015; Perna et al., 2014; Veletsianos, Collier, & Schneider, 2015), they have yet to illustrate what exactly big data is missing about digital learning and how other methodologies can support the field in making sense of digital learning. In this presentation, I will report on a study conducted in collaboration with HarvardX and MIT researchers to examine learners lived experiences. Results identify the challenges that learners face in MOOCs and classify the strategies that they use to overcome obstacles. This research illustrates how learners can be better supported and how a broader methodological toolkit can improve digital learning practice.