Friday, March 4th

SonalA learner’s perspective on four years of edX

Guest Speaker: Sonal Patel
Harvard Campus
125 Mt. Auburn, 4th Floor
Meet at the Long Table (left off of the elevators)


I will share my perspective as  a learner on edX for four years. Current research in education from MOOC data is focused on extracting results from the ‘big data’ collected from recording learners’ interaction, participation, demographics,  completion rate etc. Still, the information that an individual learner can share about their own learning experience, can be useful to researchers and course designers.  I will present some insights as my own  ‘deep data’ from my personal learning experience.   I will focus on how social interaction impacted my total  learning experience and how it can have a profound effect on the learning outcome.  I will also highlight some differences in learning experiences, in self paced  vs. regular classes, where there is a need for innovation in social interaction tools provided on the current Open edX platform.