Evidence-Centered Design (ECD): A Design Framework for Competency-Based AssessmYJ Kiment

Guest Speaker: Yoon Jeon Kim
MIT campus, E34-308

Video from YJ Kim’s Charles River X Colloquium


Today’s educators are increasingly interested in using video games and simulations for competency-based assessment and learning. However, the development of such assessment systems can be very challenging. In this talk, I will discuss several dimensions that researchers and practitioners should consider when designing, developing, evaluating, and implementing technology-rich enviroments with an emphasis on assessment of learner competencies. In particular, I will describe how evidence-centered design (ECD) can be applied as the primary design framework, and discuss how both psychometrics and educational data mining techniques can be used to devise assessment machinery. The discussion will be situated within the two systems that I have worked on, Physics Playground and the INQuiry Intelligent Tutoring System (INQ-ITS).