Friday, April 1st

So what is ‘critical thinking,’ and how can it be taught and measured?Haber

Guest Speaker:  Jonathan Haber
MIT Campus


Improving the critical-thinking skills of students tops the priority list of Presidents, Secretaries of Education, policymakers and educators.  But what do we mean when we talk about “critical thinking?”  And how are these skills supposed to be taught and measured? 

Jonathan Haber, Director of Learner Assessment at the Woodrow Wilson Academy, located at MIT, will be talking about different approaches to defining, teaching and evaluating critical thinking skills.  He will also be describing the approach he takes to the subject in his new book Critical Voter: Using the Next Election to Make Yourself (and Your Kids) Smarter.  (Note: the Kindle version of the book will be available for free from Amazon from April 4-8.)